Sexual Abuse Awareness

Sexual Abuse Awareness

Protecting Precious Children

Protecting Precious Children

Protecting Precious Children

Sexual Abuse Prevention & Awareness


 Protecting Precious Children is a perfect title for this talk, which is about preventing childhood sexual abuse. 

My name is Sabrina Gosmire.  I have been trained as a licensed clinical professional counselor and have been practicing counseling for over 15 years.  I am also a mom of 2 beautiful boys.  They are 8 and 6. 

The gift of motherhood has shown me that babies and children are fascinating!  I am surrounded by them.  I live in a community with about 30 kids ranging from 1 to 14yo.  My block alone has 15 kids… We are never bored!  I see them and think of their vulnerabilities.

As a counselor, I have been exposed to sexual abuse over and over.  I am not a specialist in this area.  A majority of the people that come for counseling tell me that they were sexually abused as children.  Often times, I am the first person that is hearing about the abuse.

I am aware of how common childhood sexual abuse is and how little it is talked about.  I look around and see my babies and all the children around and wonder why we don’t see commercials, health screenings and charity marathons. 

One day this silent catastrophe will be loud and obvious.

I really believe it takes a village to raise empowered children and adults.

My hopes are to spread consciousness about this topic and with this awareness, healing can spread to all those who need it.

I will share information about children and protecting them.

I will also share information on how offenders can be stopped.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this information is disturbing and emotions can surface.  These feelings are normal and common.

 My main purpose here it to share this message to protect our precious children. 

Thank you for reading.

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