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Kate Hoffower, RDT, LCPC, LSOTP, LSOE   

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  • Anxiety
  • Life Transitions
  • Grief & Loss
  • Emotional Regulation Skill building
  • Trauma
Populations Served
  • Adults
  • Children (5 - 12)
  • Families 
  • Adolescents (age 12-18)

I often find the words Healing and Nature to be synonymous.  As a therapist I incorporate nature into sessions whenever my clients are interested.  Loss, depression, anxiety, stress, change, hope, recovery.  Nature reminds us of cycles and transformations, of the impermanence of pain and the limitless capacity of human-beings to learn and grow.


I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with certifications in Eco-Therapy, drama therapy, and I will soon be credentialed in Trauma Focused – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  

 Trauma can take many forms – a loss, a betrayal, an act of violence – any event that causes you to fear for your future, your well-being, or for that of another.  It changes the survivor in a way that is profound and irrevocable.  That change can be shaped into something positive and life-affirming.  It can lead to insight, awareness, compassion and gratitude.


During our sessions we will learn about your life traumas – large and small.   We will explore how they have impacted your relationships, with yourself and with others.  


We will identify your goals, strengths and resources as you learn to recognize the connections between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and we will develop your resources and coping strategies as you head toward a future of hope and resilience.


For an appointment with Kate,
please contact our 
Intake Coordinator at 224.241.2197

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